Resources for more information, UeuqalsU, Hiv Basics, and HIV Prevention.  UequalsU  CATIE https://www.catie.ca/positive-side/uu The Ontario AIDS Network […]

Medication Compliance

You should aim to take your pills at the same time each day so that it becomes [...]

Is U=U for everyone ?

The PARTNER study concluded that there is zero HIV transmission regardless of type of sex. U=U is […]

U=U As Prevention

HIV treatment, also called antiretroviral therapy, prevents the transmission of HIV by controlling the replication of HIV [...]

How do i know if i am undetectable

How do I know if I’m undetectable? Find out more at https://aidsnetwork.ca/u-equals-u/ . #ItStartsWithU  

Benefits of U=U

Maintaining an undetectable viral load leads to the best possible health outcomes for a person living with [...]

How often should I get tested ?

The first step is to get connected to HIV care, a doctor who specializes in caring for […]

What is an Undetectable Viral Load?

The observational study PARTNER/PARTNER2 defined an undetectable viral load as less than 200 viral copies per milliliter [...]

What is U=U

Early initiation of antiretroviral therapy (ART) improves overall health and prevents sexual transmission of HIV. The goal [...]

Did you know ?

In Canada, the viral load considered as ‘undetectable’ (40 copies/mL) is much lower compared to the CDC […]

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