CATIE.ca launches U=U Guide for Service Providers

October 4, 2019

CATIE.ca , Canada’s premier source for up-to-date, accurate and scientifically sound HIV and Hep C information has launched a new resource guide to help front line service providers integrate the message of U=U into their practices. 

From the guide: 

“U=U is more than “treatment as prevention”. U=U changes what it means to live with HIV. It opens up social, sexual, and reproductive choices that people with HIV, their sexual partners, and in some cases entire communities, never thought would be possible. It encourages people with HIV to start and stay on treatment to keep both themselves and their sexual partners healthy. It is an opportunity to transform how people living with HIV see themselves and how they are perceived by their families, by their friends, by their current and potential sexual partners, and by people in general”

This fabulous resource can be found at CATIE.ca