Happy Pride, Black Lives Matter

June 1, 2020

Marsha P Johnson (pictured) was a black trans woman and revolutionary LGBTQ rights activist. She is credited for being an instigator in the Stonewall riots

As we begin celebrating Pride Month, we feel that it shouldn’t go unsaid that Pride as we know it today is a commemoration of civil disobedience lead by trans women of colour. The legacy of Pride and the advancement of LGBTQ2S+ rights across North America began with the Stonewall riots, and we owe it to those brave women to remember that their refusal to accept injustice and the actions they took 51 years ago is the reason we celebrate Pride today. Once again, we are living through a time of mass-refusal to accept injustice and of transformative action.  There is no more appropriate time than Pride Month to reaffirm our commitment to ending the injustice of institutional anti-black racism, redoubling our efforts to support black communities, and making space for, amplifying and listening to black voices. Today and every day, black lives matter. In solidarity, Happy Pride.