Gender and Trauma-Informed Frontline Harm Reduction

April 1, 2022
Are you a frontline worker at an organization that works with people who use drugs?
Our new resource on gender- and trauma-informed frontline harm reduction can provide you with the information that you need!
This resource:
  • Offers key definitions to complex terms 

  • Provides information about gender, trauma, and intersectionality 

  • Introduces gender- and trauma-informed practice 

  • Suggests values for gender- and trauma-informed frontline work 

  • Proposes practical tips on what to model, ask, and do 

  • Identifies key takeaways 

  • Includes a list of references, to be used as further resources 

It can be used for training new staff and volunteers, in staff meetings, after gender- or trauma-related issues arise, and to reflect on current practices.

Click here to download or print as a PDF: Resource Gender- and Trauma-Informed Frontline Harm Reduction

 Click here to download as a text-only Word file (suitable for screen readers):  Accessible Gender- and Trauma-Informed Frontline Harm Reduction