Meet Bobbie-Jo Morin

February 28, 2022

This year for International Women’s Day we want to celebrate the achievements of women and those who have broken down gender barriers for women in harm reduction. We will be spotlighting those who have been working in harm reduction and celebrating their successes and achievements. As part of this year’s #BreakTheBias campaign we invite you to learn more about these wonderful achievements and reach out to those you may want to work with!

Meet Bobbie-Jo Morin, Haldimand, Norfolk & Brant Harm Reduction Peer Worker at The AIDS Network:

My name is Bobbie-Jo Morin ,  I am a wife and mom of 5 beautiful boys who keep me very busy ! However when I am not chasing my boys around my life is 100 % committed to people in addiction ! My fuel comes from a love Jesus , with out the barriers of a religious mindset I have had the honor of witnessing what the power of love , dignity and harm reduction can do for and in someone’s life. 

 I live in a rural community where for those living in addictions there are many obstacles, a lack of resources and so much stigma that keeps them from accessing the simplest forms of help . I have committed my life to being a voice for them. As well giving them continuous daily support for programming such treatment , harm reduction , education, food , shelter and love for many years. 

Through this process I met my beautiful husband Jorden who was in fentanyl addiction for 10 year of his life and addiction for 17 years totally ! He is celebrating 2.5 years sober , his life has a been completely restored . We have worked very hard with a group of people and recently opened the first homeless shelter in Norfolk County , where we are committed to changing community mindsets surrounds people in addiction and they ability to access resources with divinity ! We are committed to educating our small community that stigmas destroy and how they can contribute to restoring peoples life’s through programming such as harm reduction. Above all we have hope ! We have hope everyday for recovery and until that day even if it never happens we will love our family in addiction to reach their fullest potential in every circumstances with dignity , no judgment and love.

For more awesome profiles of Women in Harm Reduction, visit www.aidsnetwork.ca/iwd