March 31 is Trans Day of Visibility

March 31, 2020

Today, The AIDS Network joins our friends in community in celebrating International Trans day of Visibility. Today is a day for recognizing the many challenges trans people face due to marginalization rooted in societal transphobia and committing to centre trans people in the work we do, while celebrating the bravery and demanding the rights and dignity of all of our trans friends and family. While it is important to celebrate those who are able to be out and visible, we also celebrate trans people who are unable to live their lives visibly for any reason – TDOV is a day to recognize and celebrate all trans people.

In celebrating trans visibility, we also must recognize that people who face marginalization are disproportionately affected by times of crisis, and our efforts to keep our communities safe and healthy needs to prioritize those who face barriers. We urge all our community partners to join us in prioritizing that the provision of programs centre, are affirming of and welcoming to trans folks.

Happy Trans Day of Visibility from all of us at The AIDS Network!