Membership Update

April 9, 2020

Due to the evolving Covid 19 pandemic , all organizations are facing new challenges and needing to find creative solutions. The AIDS Network membership renewals have historically expired on March 31st, and must be renewed 30 days prior to our Annual General Meeting in order to remain a member in good standing. Last week, the Provincial Government provided an emergency order to provide flexibility for corporate meetings, extending the timeframe by which corporations under the Corporations Act and Business Corporations Act must hold Annual General Meetings, or allowing them to be conducted electronically. Our Board of Directors will determine what the best course of action is regarding our AGM, which as been for the past few years held at the end of June. You will be given ample notice to renew your membership in order to ensure you remain in good standing and are able to vote at the meeting.

If you wish to renew your membership now or to sign up as a new member, you can download and print our Membership Application Form, which can be sent by mail with credit card information or a cheque to our office at:

140 King St E suite 101 (lower level)

Hamilton ON

L8L 2B5

For your convenience, we are also working towards offering an online membership application form which we hope to make available in the coming weeks, and will announce the availability of this option as soon as it is implemented. In these unprecedented times we remain committed to good governance and organizational stability, and thank our membership and community stakeholders for your patience and understanding.