Paid Opportunity for 2S QTBIPOC youth (Aged 16-29)

August 15, 2019

Photo by @TAYLORCKT1


Tentative deadline August 23rd

The Queer Trans Youth Collaborative in conjunction in conjunction with the Rainbow Youth Collaborative are calling out for volunteers supported by honorariums who are available from August to October, with the possibility of extension for delivering trainings. Recognizing the whiteness and colonialism of Queer and Trans spaces, we are looking for 2S QTBIPOC volunteers to create an intersectional training practice. This role would be supporting the creation of slides, presenters’ notes, and attending meetings aimed at creating trainings for organizations with the goal of creating space for QT youth. In most queer and trans spaces in Hamilton there is a stronger need for more space and solidarity with QTBIPOC youth and this call-out is hoping to create some more space for said youth in these trainings and this city.

We are looking for 2S QTBIPOC youth with a strong analysis of white supremacy and colonialism, as well as service provision and community building who want the opportunity to navigate institutional spaces and meetings.

What’s in it for you?
Money, bus tickets, the opportunity to access institutional resources and make institutional connections.

Next Steps?
E-mail qtycpc@aidsnetwork.ca with a piece of writing that speaks about colonialism, white supremacy, homophobia and transphobia we will be interviewing 5 candidates based on the writing sample.