Support our Walk Away from Stigma Today

September 27, 2020

Today is the final day of our Walk Away from Stigma Week, our first-ever virtual AIDS Walk! It has been incredible to see our friends posting their Walk selfies and helping us to spread more awareness of the important core messages of support for all communities and individuals who are living with, affected by and vulnerable to HIV. As an AIDS  Service Organization, our work intersects with a lot of different people and a lot of different marginalizing factors – fear, mistrust and ignorance of HIV, the stigma of people who use drugs, homophobia, transphobia anti-black racism, patriarchy and violence against women and issues of health and wellness outcomes affected by these marginalizing issues are all things that cause people to need our help.

The one thing we all have in common as people living with or at higher risk of HIV is stigma, and when we Walk we take a stand together to make a statement. All people and all communities who are living with, affected by or vulnerable to HIV deserve to live without these stigmas. We deserve dignity, equality, and long healthy lives. We thank you for your support and for standing with us to Walk Away from Stigma.

Today is our final day of this campaign and it’s not too late to support our Walk! Please consider making a donation towards The AIDS Network’s Walk Away from Stigma campaign today. With your help, The AIDS Network can continue to provide some of our most crucial programs and services to the people we help in Hamilton, Halton, Haldimand, Norfolk and Brant.