WHAI Consultations on Wellness and Healthcare Access

November 8, 2021

The AIDS Network and the Ontario Women’s HIV/AIDS Initiative (WHAI) are seeking input from women (trans and cis) and non-binary gender identities about wellness and healthcare access. 

WHAI works with organizations, communities, and women to build community capacity to support women living with and facing systemic risk for HIV. 

WHAI aims is to engage in work and initiatives that support you to be and feel well. For some people, wellness is mostly about feeling physically well or being free from illness. For others, emotional wellness or mental health may be more important. And for others, wellness is about connection to community. Because wellness can mean different things to different people, it’s helpful for us to understand what wellness means to you specifically. 

We want to hear your thoughts about wellness and healthcare access.

For more information, or to sign up, please contact: Noxy at whai@aidsnetwork.ca, or 905-975-1419 (text). Consultations will be held throughout November and December and will include opportunities to participate in talking circles as well as one-on-one interviews. Compensation will be provided. 


In 2016 WHAI carried out consultations with women and service providers across Ontario, and from these consultations identified 7 priority areas of work which is how we plan our work each year:  

Economic Security  

Women and Harm reduction  

Stigma, Discrimination, and Institutional Violence 

HIV Disclosure 

Gender-based Violence  

Health Care based on Women’s Needs  

Community and Emotional Wellness  

While anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism was not identified as an Area of Focus in 2016, it is an important area of WHAI work as well and is part of our work in each area of focus.