Benefits of U=U

Maintaining an undetectable viral load leads to the best possible health outcomes for a person living with [...]

How often should I get tested ?

The first step is to get connected to HIV care, a doctor who specializes in caring for […]

What is an Undetectable Viral Load?

The observational study PARTNER/PARTNER2 defined an undetectable viral load as less than 200 viral copies per milliliter [...]

What is U=U

Early initiation of antiretroviral therapy (ART) improves overall health and prevents sexual transmission of HIV. The goal [...]

Did you know ?

In Canada, the viral load considered as ‘undetectable’ (40 copies/mL) is much lower compared to the CDC […]

Undetectible is Untransmittable

U=U is short for  “Undetectable is Untransmittable”, a slogan first used by the Prevention Access Campaign to [...]

Myth vs Fact – Harm Reduction Infographic Resources

Our Harm Reduction workers Anya and Marijo recently had the opportunity to work with a group of [...]

Stop Ignoring Black Drug Policy Reformers (Filter Mag)

Last year, Filter Magazine published an article about the lack of Black representation in the Drug Policy [...]

Black Harm Reduction Today

A recent paper entitled “We know the streets:” race, place, and the politics of harm reduction" found: [...]

It Takes Courage

It Takes Courage is an initiative of ACCHO (African Caribbean Council on HIV/AIDS in Ontario) that launched [...]