How is HIV Transmitted

stop the spread! how is HIV passed on? HIV is only passed through specific fluids: blood, semen [...]

HIV Testing

An untreated HIV infection takes a long time to become noticeable (sometimes up to 10 years without [...]

Meet Cassandra Smith

Cassandra Smith conducts workshops, trainings and presentations to provide expertise around substance use, parenting, and systemic racism against [...]

Meet Akia

Meet Akia: Self-described ‘Blacktivist and harm reduction human’, Akia shared their story as a part of The […]

Meet Colin Johnson

Colin immigrated to Canada in 1972 from Jamaica. A founding member of the GFM (Gay Freedom Movement) [...]

Join us online on December 1st for our annual World AIDS Day Vigil

December 1st is World AIDS Day, and The AIDS Network is proud to continue our annual tradition [...]

It’s National HIV Testing Week! Know your status – get a self-testing kit for free!

It’s National HIV Testing Week!  The AIDS Network is proud to be participating in this years International […]

Now recruiting! Our next volunteer orientation & information session is December 2nd at 6:00pm (via Zoom)

Are you interested in volunteering with The AIDS Network, or do you just want more information about […]

Reflecting on World AIDS Day, virtual workshop, November 30th 2021

Join The AIDS Network for a workshop celebrating World AIDS Day! The AIDS Network presents a workshop […]

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