Stop Ignoring Black Drug Policy Reformers (Filter Mag)

January 31, 2021

Last year, Filter Magazine published an article about the lack of Black representation in the Drug Policy Reform discussion:

“The lack of discussion of Black overdose deaths in the national opioid discourse further marginalizes Black people, and is highly consistent with a history of framing the addictions of people of color as deserving of criminal punishment, rather than worthy of medical treatment,” wrote Keturah James and Ayana Jordan in a 2018 paper titled “The Opioid Crisis in Black Communities,” in the Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics.

Read the whole article at https://filtermag.org/this-black-history-month-and-all-year-long-stop-ignoring-black-drug-policy-reformers/

For more on the Black History of Harm Reduction, visit www.aidsnetwork.ca/blackhistory