February is Black History Month, a time for celebrating Black excellence and the many achievements of Black people in our communities. This year, The AIDS Network wishes to highlight African, Caribbean and Black champions who are making history today as leaders in the Harm Reduction movement. Meet the ACB Harm Reduction Champions!

Meet Cassandra Smith

Cassandra Smith conducts workshops, trainings and presentations to provide expertise around substance use, parenting, and systemic racism against [...]

Meet Akia

Meet Akia: Self-described ‘Blacktivist and harm reduction human’, Akia shared their story as a part of The […]

Meet Colin Johnson

Colin immigrated to Canada in 1972 from Jamaica. A founding member of the GFM (Gay Freedom Movement) [...]

ACB COVID & Harm Reduction Resources

Check out these great COVID & Harm Reduction resources from Black CAP Toronto

Safer Drug Use
Safer Alcohol Use
Safer Couch Surfing

Past Campaigns

As the drug overdose crisis continues to escalate, the Black History of the events leading up to this crisis and the Black History of the Harm Reduction movement is often overlooked, and remains largely unacknowledged. Last year, The AIDS Network’s Black History Month focus was on the History of Black Harm Reduction, because the Black History of Harm Reduction Matters

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The Racist Origins of Drug Prohibition

Drug use for medicinal, recreational and spiritual purposes has been happening around the world for all of [...]

“Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course we did”

In 2016, Dan Baum who wrote 1996's "Smoke and Mirrors: The War on Drugs and the Politics [...]

Racially Coded Language Hurts Everyone who Struggles with Addiction (Drug Policy Alliance)

In 2014, the New York Times ran an article titled Addicted on Staten Island which stated, among [...]